AGS Ground Solutions
The economic consequences of unknown ground conditions can easily be prevented through adequate site investigation.


We help you to …


Realise your development
Mitigate Risks
Feel assured about your development
Save time
Save money

… through our combined Geotechnical, Environmental and Ground Stability Solutions.

From a ground contamination study to allow the redevelopment of a former industrial site to a geotechnical investigation, allowing construction on challenging ground, we will empower you with a tailored, cost-effective solution for your site.

Geotechnical Reports

Our Geotechnical Services will determine the soil properties and ground strength on your site.

A Geotechnical Report will allow you to design the most efficient building foundation for the ground conditions on your site. This will bring economic benefits as well as enabling you to offer a warrantee on your new building.

Contaminated Land Services

Determining and mitigating the risks of contaminated land at an early stage can often determine the success of a project.

Our expertise in determining and managing environmental risks will ensure that any liabilities are quantified and understood. This will enable you to design with confidence, in the knowledge that any contaminated land remediation is scoped and costed.

Ground Stability Reports

Geo-Hazards can be difficult to detect without expert investigation, and could have significant detrimental consequences on your development.

A Ground Stability Report, carried out at an early stage of your project may allow you to design around the hazards, or will allow you to budget for the costs and timescales associated with remediation.

Combined Reports

We will identify ways of combining work, to save you money.

Our Phase 1 Reports combine Ground Contamination and Ground Stability information, at no extra cost, meaning that you get two reports for the price of one!

We can combine site investigation reports, meaning that we can examine ground strength, ground stability and ground contamination from one trial pit / borehole! As a result, you only need to commission one investigation, not three, avoiding duplication and saving you significant expense.

Using Knowledge to save you money

Our Geotechnical Reports are designed to ensure the most efficient foundation can be designed.

A good geotechnical report will not only pay for its self, but will also result in additional cost savings, through reduced concrete use, reduced muck away and reduced excavation time.

An AGS geotechnical report is backed up with our Professional Indemnity Insurance giving you peace of mind too.

Versatile and Agile

We enjoy working on sites which others may see as too difficult or challenging to work on.

To date, our portfolio has included working from the beach, working on cliffs, failed slopes, landslips, steam railways, ferry terminals, dockyards, and more.

Next time you think that your plot is undevelopable, contact us – we might surprise you!