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We are an independent mine search provider.

Metalliferous Mine Search

Metalliferous Mine Search

A Metalliferous Mine Search is required for most properties in Cornwall, and many in Devon as well.

A metalliferous mine search is a requirement for most mortgage providers, but is also a prudent measure for anybody buying or developing property in Devon or Cornwall.

At AGS Ground Solutions, we are an independent mine search provider. There are several metalliferous mine search archives in Cornwall. Because these archives are privately owned, each one is different.

At AGS Ground Solutions, we are not tied to one specific archive. We are free to chose the most appropriate mine search provider for you.

Our metalliferous mine searches start at £75 + VAT.

Phase 1 Mining Report

If your site is known to be in an area which has been affected by historical mining, or where the mining is known to be complex, we could carry out a detailed Phase 1 Mining Report.

A Phase 1 Mining Report includes a metalliferous mine search from the three main mining search providers, reference to British Geological Survey Records and a walkover survey from an experienced Geo-Environmental Engineer. The work is issued in the form of an interpretive report, with prices from £450 + VAT.

Our fixed fee pricing means that you will receive the same high quality report, wherever you are in Devon or Cornwall, with no hidden extras.

Phase 1 Mining Report FAQs

Why choose AGS?

An AGS Ground Solutions Phase 1 Report will help you by:

Saving you money through duplication, by combining ground contamination and ground stability information into one report.

Helping to satisfy a ‘ground contamination’ and ‘ground stability’ planning condition, as part of a planning application.

Helping you to avoid purchasing a site which may be expensive to develop, or that may become a liability.

Preventing delays to construction, by identifying potential hazards at an early stage.

How does the process work?

Initially, you should contact us to obtain a written quotation.

When you are happy with the quotation, you can return our instruction form and we will do the rest.

We may contact you during the work, to arrange a site visit, or to answer questions about the site.

We may contact you after issuing your report to make sure that you are happy with the report, and that you understand the findings.

What do we need?

In order for us to proceed, we need the following from you:

A completed instruction form. We will send you one of these to fill in.

A plan showing the outline of the area you would like us to examine. An extract from the land registry is normally sufficient.

Any pertinent information – proposals, historical site investigation information etc.

Payment – if you do not have a credit account with us.