AGS Ground Solutions
Geo-Hazards will present less of a risk to development if they are identified at an early stage.

Ground Stability Solutions

We help you to identify and mitigate the risks posed by geo-hazards, through a comprehensive site investigation.

Slope Stability

An efficient slope stability investigation will enable you to design the slopes on your site efficiently, providing safety and stability, but without giving up more land to slopes than is necessary.

We would aim to save you money by combining you slope stability investigation with a geotechnical investigation, eliminating the need for two sets of boreholes, and utilising the soil properties for both purposes.

Our Slope Stability Investigation reports can be carried out as due diligence for sites where works are planned, or in order to design remedial measures, following a rockfall or slope failure.

Our Phase 1 Ground Stability Report will contain a chapter on slope stability, and can be submitted to the local authority as part of a ‘Land Stability’ planning condition.

Subsurface Voids & Mining Site Investigation

Subsurface voids, including disused mine workings, tunnels, sink holes, dene holes or caves can all pose a significant threat to development, as they cannot always be seen!

A mining site investigation can identify the type, location and extents of any subsurface voids, which will allow remedial measures to be designed and development to proceed safely.

Our Phase 1 Ground Stability Report will contain information relating to naturally occurring subsurface voids (sink holes, dene holes and caves etc.), a full mine search (in mining areas) and information on other man-made tunnels (railway tunnels, canal tunnels etc).

Compressible Ground

Compressible ground can result in a need for deeper and more expensive foundations, or subsidence.

A Geotechnical Report will identify the magnitude of compressible ground, and the shrinkage potential of the soil. This will allow the effects of compressible ground on building foundations to be calculated, and an appropriate foundation solution to be identified at the design stage, meaning that you can select the most economic foundation design.

Our Phase 1 Ground Stability Report will contain information on the potential for compressible ground.