AGS Ground Solutions
“A Geotechnical Report will ensure your development has the strongest of foundations”

Geotechnical Solutions

A Geotechnical Report will allow you to design the most efficient building foundation for the ground conditions on your site.

Ground Strength

A geotechnical report will identify the soil properties, and will establish the ground strength.

Your geotechnical report will contain a Ground Bearing Pressure or Serviceable Limit State, and will make recommendations for you with regards to foundation type and size.

We believe in providing you with the data that we use to calculate the ground strength too, so we present a chapter on the soil properties, allowing you to make further calculations, perhaps for retaining walls etc, without having to commission further work.

Combining your geotechnical report with ground contamination testing and a ground stability site investigation will enable you to save money by avoiding the need to carry out multiple investigations.

Additional Features

In addition to information on ground strength, a geotechnical report can contain information on likely settlement, attack on buried concrete, pavement design, soil infiltration rate, buried obstructions or any other related information.

Doing this gives you the full picture of the ground conditions beneath your site, avoiding any costly surprises at a later date.