AGS Ground Solutions
To deal with ground contamination in the most efficient and cost effective manner, it is essential to establish the risks at the earliest possible stage of development.

Environmental Solutions

An effective Ground Contamination Report will quantify the risks posed by ground contamination on your site. This process might involve up to four phases:

Phase 1 Ground Contamination Report – Qualitative Risk Assessment

A Phase 1 Ground Contamination Survey will identify any potential ground contamination risks based upon the historical and contemporary site useage and the proposed development.

The report can be undertaken rapidly and cheaply, and an AGS Ground Solutions Phase 1 Ground Contamination Report also includes information on ground stability at no extra cost!

If no moderate or high risks are identified, no further work is required!

Phase 2 Ground Contamination Report – Quantitative Risk Assessment

A Phase 2 Ground Contamination Report will quantify the risks outlined in the Phase 1 Report. This usually involves taking samples from site, and carrying out chemical analysis in order to quantify the contaminant levels. This will enable us to produce a quantitative risk assessment.

Doing this gives you the full picture of the ground contamination beneath your site, avoiding any costly surprises at a later date.

If no elevated levels of contamination are encountered, no further work is required.

Phase 3 Ground Contamination Report – Detailed Remedial Design

As part of a Phase 3 Ground Contamination Report we will work with you to identify an appropriate method of remediation for your site. We will consider a number of possible remedial measures, if appropriate.

Our report will outline physical measures required, appropriate disposal pathways for contaminated soil, responsibilites and the requirement for retaining documents and records.

Doing this will enable you to fully quantify the remedial measures required on your site, and include them within your budget.

Phase 4 Ground Contamination Report – Verification

The Phase 4 Ground Contamination Report is the final phase of work. This phase is carried out after completion of the remedial measures, testing and verifying that the measures have been installed correctly and are providing the necessary protection.

The Phase 4 Report may be required by a mortgage company to allow lending on the property. The report may also be required to fully discharge aground contamination planning condition. Our report can also be assigned to a future owner, potentially adding value to the property.

Doing this will prove to others that there are no longer any risks posed by the development, and that it may be occupied safely.